LUNCH Patisserie

(Until it runs out)

Croissant: Handrolled french classic made with 100% butter, artisanal milled white flour, mix of sour dough and fresh yeast.€2,5

Almond croissant: Handrolled french classic made with 100% butter, artisanal milled white flour, mix of sour
dough and fresh yeast and almonds €3

Tortino alle nocciole: Crispy tart made with milkchocolate cream, salty caramel and Piemontese hazelnuts €3,5

Kouign-amann: Crispy and chewy bun with caramelised cane sugar, 100 % butter, mix of sour dough and fresh yeast €3,00

Sun bun: Soft bun filled with apricot confiture with fresh raspberry €3,5

Chocolate brioche: Small tart made with chocolate brioche, chocolate cream and blueberry compote. €3,5

Crostate di mele: apple witch caramelized almonds €3,5

(are all served on our home baked sourdough, 24 hours of fermentation)

starting from 10am till 4pm

Thinly sliced roast beef with rocket lettuce, parmigiana and balsamico dressing €9,5

Crispy bacon with avocado, romaine salad, cherry tomatoes and homemade ricotta €9,5

Grilled aubergine, old remarker cheese and pomegranate €9,50

served with our sourdough bread


Green salad Variety of green lettuces, pomegranate, croutons €9,5

Roasted vegetables salad Roasted carrots and courgette, rocket lettuce, mozzarella di bufala campana, croutons €12,5

Quiche with salad filled with fontina and broccoli €13,5



Ravioli with pumpkin €16
Ravioli filled with dutch shrimps €16

Pasta al pomodoro Homemade pasta with tomato sauce €14 Parmigiana di melanzane with rucola salad €21,50

Lasagna with besciamella, beef and tomato with rucola salad €19,5

Homemade ravioli of veal with sauce of sage 19€
Risotto with chantarelles and Parmigiano Reggiano 19,50€ Spaghettini with autumn truffle 32€


Starting from 1pm

Pizza 100% sourdough 72 hours of fermentation

Margherita – mozzarella di bufala, fresh tomatosauce- €10,50

Primavera – Aubergine cream, zucchini, mozzarella di bufala,

mintpesto – €12,50

Truffle -fresh summer truffle, aubergine caviar, mozzarella di

bufala €19,50

Nduja – ‘spicy’ salami from Calabrië, fresh tomatosauce,

mozzarella di bufala – €14,50


One scoop of homemade ice cream €3
Sgroppino made with homemade lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco 10€
Tiramisu with vanilla ice cream €9,5


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